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Hire A Book Writer

Finding creative and good book writers is very hard! I've gone through a lot of them and the ones that do not speak english for their first language are extremely hard to work with. The best writer I have ever hired was Alexrigbybishop. He lives in the U.K and is one of the best! You can find all his design work here.

Hire A Book Cover Designer

Covers really are important when trying to sell your book! The ol phrase"You can't judge a book by its cover" doesn't apply at all when it comes to selling books on Amazon.... You NEED a crazy cool cover! That alone will skyrocket your sales! The best book designer i use is Ricacabrex. You can find his portfolio and covers here.


Format Your Amazon Book

Getting your plan text file into the type of file Amazon needs to have before they can release your eBook and make physical copies is a horrible experience. ( Trust me i've tried to learn how to do it..) Save your time and get someone else to make your book look pretty on the inside. I use Daianav she's always on time and goes above and beyond for me! You can find her work here.



Audible Narrator

Depending if you need a male or female voice over is completely up to you. I use Tanisvo for all of my female style book narrations. Or ill use GaryMidd for a strong male voiceover. You can check both of them out here.



Music Producers

I don't have one main person that makes all my music. Depending if i want Yoga, Jazz, Gangster Rap or whatever music genre i'm trying to create. I just try to find people who sound really good. Here's a bunch of producers that i would recommend. Click here

Album Cover Designers

Album covers are a great way to get your music looking sharp! My all time favorite designer is Haudry. You can find all of her design work here.

Photoshop Designers

I know some photoshop skills but i'm not the best.... I always need certain type of design work that i need to look professional and my main guy is Aliimran24. You can find his work here.


T-shirt Designers

The best thing when creating T-shirts is making original designs that people can't find in stores. Don't waste your money on a bulk t-shirt design pack because they won't sell at all... Make something custom, creative, and original. I get my designs made by Zexhan. Check out all his T-Shirt Designs Here


 Video & Animation Editor 

When it comes to video there are so many people i use for different projects and i can't list them all here. So instead just click here scroll down my list.

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